Training and Development Unit (TDU)

The Training and Development Unit (TDU) is the unit responsible for the training and professional development of SMSB's candidates and faculty. TDU is assigned with the proposition, planning, preparation and delivery of courses, programmes and activities in the field of medical education for the development of the core competences and knowledge of the candidates and faculty conforming to international standards and in line with both internal and external accreditation.

Terms of Reference and Functions

  1. Preparation of the unit's annual action plan and its endorsement by EDC's management.
  2. Rapporteur for EDC's Supreme Committee.
  3. Documenting and implementing the recommendations of the Supreme Committee.
  4. Liaising with the Secretary of Academic Affairs and Secretary of Planning and Information Technology to provide EDC with an up-to-date and complete record of the personal and professional data of SMSB's faculty, staff and trainers.
  5. Liaising with the Secretary of Planning and Information Technology to identify the training gaps and needs of SMSB's faculty.
  6. Developing superlative methods and programmes that are specifically tailored to enhance the knowledge and skills of SMSB's faculty members and implementing these activities through workshops, training courses, seminars and any other innovative methods of instruction.
  7. Preparation and implementation of training activities for the development of the knowledge, skills and ethics of the candidates enrolled across the various disciplines (i.e. specialty Councils) of SMSB; the training activities for the candidates will be developed in accordance with the graduation requirements that were endorsed by SMSB's Consultative Council.
  8. Training of trainers (TOTs) in the field of medical education development.
  9. Implementation of all other duties and tasks assigned to the Unit by the Secretary General of SMSB or the Director of EDC.