The Office of the Registrar (otherwise known as, the Admission and Registration Secretariat (ARS)) is one of the fundamental pillars of the Sudan Medical Specialization Board. The chief responsibility of this Office is to facilitate and enhance the registration process and related administrative procedures for the candidates of SMSB. The use of the latest available technological and electronic facilities to facilitate the daily smooth running of registration services.




  The registrar office is responsible of registering SMSB candidates for the following    activities:

  1. Basic science course:

An optional preparatory course that commences twice a year prior to the first term exam.

Course registration requirement: Bachelor of Medicine/ Bachelor of Surgery certified from the institute of higher education.

  1. Selection and first part examinations:

This exam is mandatory for enrolment into the training program. It is held biannually (June and December). Exam registration and payments must be done online.

Exam registration requirement:

  1. Bachelor degree certificate or equivalent of (Medicine and surgery, pharmacy, dentistry and so forth depending on the specialization required). All certificates must be certified by the institute of higher education.
  2. Permanent or temporary registration with the Sudan Medical Council for Sudanese and foreign nationals respectively.
  3. An identification document (national number for Sudanese students) and a valid passport for foreigners is mandatory.

Registration is open for all applicants and there are no upper or lower limits as with regard to the number of students selected per year.

Examination centers:




Port Sudan



Outside sudan:

Riyadh (KSA)

|Jeddah (KSA)

Hayil (KSA)

Dubai (UAE)


Candidates who are successful in passing the first part or selection exams and fulfil all other registration requirements are enrolled in the training program which will lead to the achieving of Medical Doctorate degree in different specialties.

Registration and payment are available online on the council website. Original and copied documents of the bachelor degree, registration, and ID must be handed in to the registration office for verification. There after the originals must be delivered directly to the registrar in order to open an enrolment file with the SMSB, this file is required for candidate’s application to training centers.

Annual training enrolment should always follow the afore mentioned registration requirements.

The registrar office closely monitors registrar’s registration procedures needed for allocation into the training program.

 Certificate issuing center:

The advisory council reviews and validates the results. Thereafter, certificates could be issued through the council’s website or directly from the registrar’s office window. Candidates need to fill an electronic form and verify the accuracy of information provided. Release from the library and fulfilment of all tuition fee is required.

  Examination control center:

This office is responsible for the supervision and the distribution of doctors sitting for an examinations in various centers. A candidates’ number are provided to doctors in accordance with the registration documents and the laws of examination commission.