Quality and Accreditation Unit

The Quality and Accreditation Unit (QUA) is the unit mandated with the development of the quality control policies, regulations and standards for SMSB to promote continuous development. QUA is responsible for the assessment and evaluation of the training activities of the Board, creating the terms of reference (TORs) and duties of faculty and staff, application of quality assurance to all of the activities and functions of SMSB's specialty Councils, and establishment of the programs and tools for quality measurement.


Terms of Reference and Functions

  1. 1. Setting the standards, policies and regulations required for sustaining the high quality of training in SMSB.
  2. 2. Collaborating with the medical Councils and other related parties of the Board to determine the mechanisms for the supervision and monitoring of the training and all non-training procedures of SMSB.
  3. 3. Overseeing the preparations and requirements for national and international accreditation.
  4. 4. Working alongside SMSB's management in establishing an applicable framework for internal and external accreditation.
  5. 5. Developing a structure that raises awareness to the importance, need and applicability of a holistic approach to quality assurance and accreditation within and without SMSB.
  6. Drafting the tasks, terms of reference and grade of the employees.
  7. Evaluating and statistically analysing the quality of training programs through the established frameworks for evaluation and statistical analysis.