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Based on a heritage of postgraduate medical education dating back to the 1930s, the Sudan Medical Specialization Board (SMSB), was established in 1995 by Presidential Decree under the Sudan Medical Specialization Act (1995). SMSB is the sole professional training body in the Republic of the Sudan mandated to manage and deliver medical and health specialty programmers in the country.

The driving foundation of SMSB is its specialty councils, which are responsible for the implementation of all activities concerning training of medical doctors including the development and review of curricula.

The SMSB aspires to stand out as a leading institution of outstanding quality in health professional education and training at national, regional and global level

Proud of its heritage and its record, strong in its autonomy and the wealth of its knowledge, SMSB functions to improve the performance of health systems through standardized and monitored training in order to produce competent and committed specialists

In the journey of life, one can be a scholar, a doctor, an engineer or a teacher. God willed for excellence to be accompanied only with those who have sound vision and determination for building civilization. The presence of such people is a way by which God nourishes the earth and its habitants and humans may settle in it.

We are always proud of our achievements and successes and aim to continue the progress and growth putting the future in mind and relying on a set of principles based on sound foundations for education, medical work and best medical practice that is built on solid medical education standards.

From this perspective, we harness all our capabilities to support and develop our human resources with all its professional specializations planning a sustainable approach to its core and a society grounded on development and growth which was founded by the early leaders to continue the march of progress and success

Prof: Eltayeb Abd Elrahaman Ali

President Sudan Medical Specialization Board



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