Is one of the most important Secretariats within SMSB. The principal role of (GAFS) is to ensure the continuous provision and adequacy of all financial funds and human resources needed for the effective and smooth operation of SMSB's different sectors and departments. The resulting positive environment that is generated by the scope of GAFS work contributes to the skill development of SMSB's staff, raising the standard and efficiency of their performance, and monitoring and evaluating their overall achievements.


  1.  Implementation of civil service regulations on the employees
  2. Maintenance (derives, building and furniture)
  3. Procurement
  4. Training for employees
  5. Council security services
  6. Leave approval for employees
  7. Attendance monitoring and work environment maintenance


  1. Drafting financial reports (quarterly, semi-annually and annually)
  2. Preparing the annual budgetary
  3. Monitoring revenue and expenses
  4. Tracking the council bank accounts

Sub Units:

  1. Revenue
  2. Expenses
  3. Warehouse
  4. Observer
  5. Treasury
  6. Student’s affairs
  7. Cheques
  8. Secretaries
  9. Wrap-up account


  1. All actions related to the council personnel matters (Appointment procedures, recruitment, secondment, final transfer, promotions and leaves).
  2. Annual drafting, approval and printing of certified posts validated by the structured unit. Reviewing these posts with the ministry of finance. This department also manages the personnel files.
  3. Preparation of the personnel’s confidential records. Implementation of the regulations and laws according to the national civil service regulations, investigations procedures and employees accountability council. Preserving the council’s documents within the confidential file and the application of any decisions and publication issued by the service commission as well as implementing pension act.


Performs supervisory procedures on the actions involving administrative and technical processes that in return supervises the services provided by companies such as (sanitary, security, hospitality and gardens… etc). This will serve as a technical standard through which implementation steps for each service could be followed upon starting with service requesting procedures, executing procedures and service delivery procedures.

Sub units:

  1. Engineering: (sound technician, electric technician, AC technician and plumbing technician)
  2. The services: hospitality and security