Curricula and Programs Unit (CPU).

The Curricula and Programs Unit (CPU) is the unit responsible for the development and review of SMSB's curricula and programmes. Furthermore, CPU is also assigned with guiding and evaluating the curricula of the various specialty Councils of the Sudan Medical Specialization Board.

Terms of Reference and Functions

  1. Preparation of the Unit's annual action plan and its endorsement by EDC's management.
  2. Documenting and implementing the recommendations of EDC's Supreme Committee.
  3. Development of curricula in light of the approach approved for the general curricula framework.
  4. Arranging workshops, under the supervision of EDC's senior management and Supreme Committee, to monitor the process for the adoption and endorsement of the curricula.
  5. Arrangement of scientific seminars and sequels in coordination with EDC's management for the assessment, revision and enhancement of the developed curricula abreast with the latest scientific progress.
  6. Constitution of different methods of assessment such as questionnaires and regulatory frameworks, for the assessment of the curricula (through collaboration with EDC's Quality and Accreditation Unit).
  7. Coordinating with SMSB's Secretary of Academic Affairs, the Director of Training in each of the specialty Councils and the Coordinator of the Professional Programmes for the most suitable means of curricular development and feedback.