The Secretary of the Sudanese National Council for Medical Specialties d. Sheikh Badr and a delegation composed of Dr. Sadiq al-Jaali Secretary of the Secretariat of the Councils Affairs and d. Mr. Ibrahim Belah, Deputy Director of the Center for Educational Development, Mr. Faten Al-Kadhim, Coordinator of the Health Professions Council, and Dr. Ali Mohammed Al-Hassan, Secretary of the Board of Directors of the Health and Medical Professions. The delegation looked at the Council's facilities and its course of work. Between Dr. Sheikh Badr and the accompanying delegation and d. Zaki Bashir Secretary General of the Council of Medical Professions and Health and heads of professional departments in the Council of Health Professions ... It was agreed on effective cooperation between the two councils to achieve a distinctive health service in the interest of the country and the citizen by training health personnel and qualifying them to play their role in promoting health services